Staying Home – A new honour

The current restrictions have definitely changed our day to day lives. As Pathfinders and Adventurers, we are unable to meet up or go camping as we normally would. We can nonetheless make something special out of it by staying positive and supporting one another. So how about a Staying Home honour? You will find all the information to do it here. You can even post your photos in social media and on the web using: #PathfindersStayHome

Join in! Make the world a little bit better!

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This is no regular honour, but has been especially developed for this unusual time, which will at some point come to an end. 

There is a version for Adventurers and a version for Pathfinders. The tasks are similar, but the difficulty varies. 

The honour covers topics which are current at the moment (e.g. washing hands :-) and what Adventurers and Pathfinders can do. The tasks are a special mix; some you will recognise from other honours, others are completely new. You can do this honour by yourself or as a group. 

As we are unable to personally do the honour together, documenting the tasks can be done through photos and videos. Additionally, we have made a workbook which you can work through. The honour is designed to be done over a couple of weeks.

Let’s show the world that we are there! #PathfindersStayHome

You can post your photos, videos and stories on all social-media sites using #PathfindersStayHome. We want to use this opportunity to strengthen the bond between us Pathfinders and Adventurers and experience something together – at least online, regardless of which group, conference or country we belong to.

On this website you will find all promotional pictures to post. If you have your own ideas or pictures available to everyone, then send them through!

Let us show everyone that even by staying home we still can be Pathfinders and Adventurers!



Who is able to verify that I have completed the honour?

As always, your class teacher or group leader can acknowledge and verify that you have done the honour.

Is there an honour patch? And how will I receive this?

There will definitely be a patch! The order process is still being clarified. As soon as there is information available, you will find all the details here. At this stage, we are guessing a price of about 1,50€ per patch.

Why is the Adventurer honour oval and not triangular?

This honour should be a reminder of this challenging time, how we have dealt with it and how God has carried us through. For this reason, we have decided that there should only be an oval patch for both age groups. It is an opportunity to connect Adventurers and Pathfinders together. Adventurers will be able to wear it on their pathfinder sash when they are older.